Period and historical movies

my movie collection... (the 2 lower shelves are for pocket books, though)

After the list of fantasy movies I love, here we go with the historical ones. I’m not too fond of ancient Greeks or Romans – I have Troy only because it has lots of good-looking men, but is totally historically incorrect, I bet Homer is visiting the screenwriter and screaming at him in his dreams – and hated Gladiator, but I watched almost everything medieval-themed. I hated Kingdom of heaven because I had just studied that time period (for my XIIcentury screenplay) and it’s so historically incorrect I couldn’t bear myself to watch it again. Maybe one day I’ll write the real story of Balian of Ibelin, haha!

So, from 10000BC (of which I know nothing, so I can’t tell if it’s historically correct), let’s start the ride through the centuries: King Arthur retelling of “historical Arthur” – I think I preferred the Brit TV series of the 70s Arthur of the Britons (abridged for region 1 as Arthur the Young Warlord), but well… I haven’t studied that period much!

Middle-ages: The knights who made the quest (an italian movie with international cast and approved by the famous Italian medievist Franco Cardini who checked historical accuracy) is the most accurate. A knight’s tale with the late Heath Ledger is the American version of Medieval Europe! 😉 Il mestiere delle armi is also historically accurate as is La Reine Margot. I don’t know much of British history, but I enjoyed The other Boleyn girl and the two Elizabeth movies. I like also Flesh&Blood, which seems quite accurate.

Then we jump to the 1600s up to 1800s with Amadeus, Stage Beauty, the Dumas based (but not very historical…) Man in the Iron Mask and La fille de D’Artagnan, The Libertine, The triumph of love, Casanova with the late Heath Ledger again, Valmont vs Dangerous Liaisons (both took something from the original book, I can’t remember which was more faithful, though), Quills vs Sade (all on the damned Marquis, from British or French POV), Fanfan la Tulipe (I have both the version with Gerard Philippe and Gina Lollobrigida and the more recent with Vincent Perez and Penelope Cruz), Le pacte des loups, Marie Antoinette, Une vielle maitresse (a very unknown French movie, with a gorgeous unknown protagonist), Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Neverland, The Prestige, and the “western” (or American frontier themed) Legends of the fall, Maverick, Bad girls and, of course, Dances with wolves.

Yeah, I have a big DVD shelf… but I love movies (even if apparently I’m not good enough to write them)! 🙂

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  1. Lua

     /  23/04/2010

    I also watched Troy only to see really good-looking men fighting with each other 🙂 But I have to say, I LOVE Fanfan la Tulipe (I’ve seen the more resent version) it’s such a fun movie to watch!
    You have an amazing collection of movies Barb- I always give them away and usually never get them back 🙂


    • you seem to follow lots of French things, Lua! BD, movies… kudos! 😀
      I’m lucky because most of those DVDs were bought on Amazon or in London, therefore they usually DON’T have Italian – nobody asks to see them, because most of my friends can’t speak English, haha! 😉


  2. Impressive, Barb – your knowledge in movies and their accuracy! That’s a cool-looking shelf, too!

    I love historical movies, too, and the Indian movie industries (yes, we have independent industries for each of the major languages, making India the world’s biggest producer of movies per year :-))used to make a lot of them in the old days — not so much anymore :(. Barb, with your penchant for Hindi movies, you should watch the latest historical called “Jodhaa Akbar”. It is beautifully made, even though it is only 25% true and 75% the director’s and writer’s imagination for lack of information about the relationship of the couple portrayed in the movie. Tell me what you think after you watch it. 🙂


    • OK, will put it on my “Bollywood” list! I didn’t mention the “foreign” historicals like Ashoka and Devdas or The house of flying daggers, Hero, The Warlords… so I left the “Asian” movies out, but I got some of those too! 😀


  3. I watch a lot of Chinese movies and Korean dramas myself. The House of Flying Daggers was wonderfully made, wasn’t it? And, sadly, Ashoka and Devdas aren’t that tastefully made, though the settings are pretty lavish. The directors from a couple of generations ago in Bollywood used to do better justice to history.


    • I’ve read the comments to Devdas – the book that the newer version (the one I have and love) is less faithful to the book than the previous one… Is Mira Nair’s Khamasutra more historical (I know she’s not really Bollywood, but that movie is one of my faves… “Life is always fair”!)? OK, I’ll do more posts on my movie collection! 🙂 “World movies”, “French movies”, “Italian movies” and “Genre movies – sci-fi”… and maybe even “Animation”! 😀
      Perfect for rainy weekends any time of the year…



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