short comic – Winged People


  1. Lua

     /  17/04/2010

    “Did you tell him?”
    “That he is your destiny.”
    I enjoyed the whole story and the amazing drawings Barb but this was my favorite part! Fantastic all together, thank you for sharing this :)

    • now that I’ve come up with a conlang (constructed language), I should edit some dialogue here… you’ll read about it during the week! ;-)
      Thank you for the comment and glad you enjoyed it! :-D

  2. Madison Woods

     /  18/04/2010

    First time I’ve ever read a comic, Barb – that was very good!

    • now you make me blush! ;-) Please check the previews of more comics on the Lulu shop, the first pages are free – and I’m still trying to figure out a way to show more (but have some kind of protection of copyright, know what I mean?)… stay tuned! :-D


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