Torino Comics

Maurizio's "stolen" doodle (there will be dragons, yay!)

I spent the past weekend at Torino Comics, a small (compared to San Diego, but also to Angoulème – French market – and Lucca – oldest Italian comicon) comicon in northern Italy. Precisely because it’s not such a huge happening, I think it’s still a good, personal experience.

Before the Comicon I went to my comic bookshop (where I have a discount) to make sure I wouldn’t spend too much at the fair. So I found out that Milo Manara, great italian artist known mostly for his women, has done a “short” X-men comic-book written by Chris Claremont, who tailored the story for him – in fact it’s only the X-girls Storm, Kitty Pride, Psylocke and Rogue having an adventure with Rachel and Emma Frost (I’m not a regular X-men reader, though).

the doodle inside the artbook

Then I took my Frecciarossa-train to Turin (4h30 via Milan) where I met Scott McCloud who was traveling with his family, but we were on different coaches, so traveled apart. But then in Turin my friend Fulvio picked us up and we took the McClouds to their hotel and then to dinner with Vittorio Pavesio who is a) the publisher who publishes the Italian version of Scott’s work (Fulvio did the translations of book 2&3) and who invited him to the comicon, b) the man behind Torino Comics itself, and c) an artist in his own right. So that was Thursday afternoon/night.

On Friday the convention started. We picked up the McClouds to give them their pass and I had a look around. There was some original art by Frezzato and Ryo Kanai who were also present. The first panel was Vittorio with Scott and Rio (with Fulvio and Massimo as interpreters – Massimo is the writer of the project with Ryon and an internet friend of mine that I finally met face to face). Then I had Ryo’s artbook autographed (first in line! :-)), and sat near Scott during his signing to help him with the 90% of Italians who don’t speak English.

Scott's drawing

At lunch I met Maurizio Manzieri, a great international illustrator, and Davide, another internet friend that now has a real face. I didn’t bring my camera, so no pics to share, sorry. In the afternoon again I assisted Scott at his signing, then went with Davide to catch a train – I slept at Fulvio’s who lives 80km from Turin (but trust me, it’s faster doing Vaglio Serra-Turin than Rome north to south or east to west) and that night had to stay in town for a VIP dinner-reading with Scott and other Pavesio authors.

Thus Friday was done for me – I bought only Ryo’s artbook and Davide&Massimo sci-fi/fantasy publication I will review later on (genre prose, not comic books).

the artbook

Saturday I bought Maurizio’s artbook and was first in line to have it personalized, then I sat between him and Scott, and “stole” one of Maurizio’s doodles (both Scott and I were very jealous of his talent ;-)). I watched Simone Bianchi and Lucio Parrillo paint live, met a couple of friends, had my Scott’s doodle and started saying good-bye, as Sunday I’d be traveling back to Rome with the Intercity train that does the coast (Liguria and Tuscany) and takes 7h15 (when it’s not late – once it took me 8h to get to Turin), but costs half the Frecciarossa (which means Redarrow, btw).

the drawing inside the artbook

So, there you have it, my busy weekend in comic-bookdom! Scott, Maurizio, Ryo (I hope your English is good enough to understand this), it was an honor meeting you – God bless your art in all its difference! 🙂

(I’m thinking of “stealing” from Facebook some pics of the live performances of the painters… mumble mumble… well, maybe next time! :-D)

Have a nice week…

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  1. Really interesting post, Barb . . . it’s a whole other world.


  2. Hi Barbara, I also was happy to finally met you!


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