Fantasy movies

OK, it’s Saturday, let’s take it easy, shall we? Before posting a list of my favorite “historical” movies, I thought I’d tackle the subject of fantasy. But it is such a broad genre, including so many sub-genres, that I was overwhelmed by the number of titles in my DVD collection!

I’ll try to divide them, now. I’d put Zeffirelli’s Romeo&Juliet, Robin Hood (both Prince of thieves and Mel Brook’s Men in tights) and Excalibur as “historical fantasy”, because either based on legends or non-historical characters (I know Shakespeare existed, but his characters didn’t! ;-)). Then Lady Hawke (pseudo-historical), the Conan movies (+Red Sonya) and Krull. Willow, Ever After, Legend, Princess Bride, Dragonheart and Dark Christal as “classic” fantasy.

Stardust, the Narnia chronicles, Labirinth, Inkheart, Tuck Everlasting mixing our world and magic. Monkey Bone and Cool World – both mixes of animation and live actors – on cartoonists and their worlds (two very different takes, actually ;-)). Peter Pan would go with Tuck Everlasting, I guess. George of the jungle? Talking animals? I wonder.

There’s Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow + Sweeney Todd – to which I’ll add From Hell. The Crow. And the “fantasy” sagas such as Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Mummy. And I’m not going into sci-fi at this time.

I guess this shows the differences between different sub-genres of fantasy – I’m still trying to figure out which one I’m writing into, maybe I’m inventing a new one, haha! Oh, I’m forgetting the vampires, here (not my favorite creatures, though): Interview with the vampire (again, Louis the Pointe du Lac is the only vampire worth living forever for), Lost boys and FFCoppola’s Dracula. And I’m leaving out children and animated fantasy (Shrek, Arthur and the Mini-me…)

Labyrinth is still one of my favorites along with Lady Hawke. Dragonheart came out after a long gap (almost 10 years) since the latest fantasy movie (Willow) and was very welcome. The Crow is a different kind of fantasy I normally don’t like much, but that movie was… well… unique. I think I watched at least The Crow 2, but it wasn’t the same thing.

Sometimes in April I’ll tackle the “historical” movies (and how faithful or not they sometimes are). This is because in my short-lived screenwriting career I wrote one fantasy (the very first spec script, when I was told it has to be based on a published work with some backup or they’ll never spend money on it) and two historical (like really historical and well researched, not like some “things” that came out in theatres) screenplays – all in my drawer for the moment…

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  1. Lua

     /  10/04/2010

    Tim Burton is one of my favorite director/storytellers! I’m kind of obsessed with him and the atmosphere he creates in his movie. I love everything he does ever since I saw BeetleJuice when I was 12 but my all time favorite Burton is “Big Fish”. It’s not fantasy but it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen about the art of story telling 🙂


    • Tim Burton IS fantasy, but sometimes he’s too surreal for my tastes… I put here all his movies that I like, but I haven’t seen the ones you mention, Lua! 😦 Maybe one day…


  2. What a great post! Most of my favorite are up there (Pirates, Men in Tights, Princess Bride, Stardust, The Mummy to name a few!). It really showed, through film examples, how there can be soooo much to one genre that it’s almost unfair to lump the large category together. It becomes constricting. I also love it when works cross over and dip into more than one genre or sub-genre. That way more than one part of my personality can be satisfied!


    • because fantasy isn’t only LOTR/HarryPotter/Twilight! 😉 (p.s. I’ve read/seen none of the aforementioned… how bad a fantasy reader am I?)
      Movie-lover Barb



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