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I’m still wondering about this Fiction Press thing. Apparently June isn’t the only one who got plagiarized on that site. Limyaael is another author who took everything (almost) off that site. Like I said also in the comments to Lua’s post on readers/writers, I don’t think a real writer wastes time stealing someone else’s ideas.

But again, I think there are two kinds of writers – the “creators” and the “fans”. Some writers can only write on somebody else’s characters (usually called fan-fiction), others have to make up their own worlds/characters. I belong to the “creator” kind, but I know out there there are a lot of people who want to have the fame at no charge.

This goes back to the Unfinanced Entrepreneurs I have already mentioned, or even to the graphic creators rights as stated on Colleen Doran’s blog: most American (and the rest of the world) don’t know what copyright is and don’t respect it. What’s valid for graphic artists and illustrators is also valid for writers.

Now on the internet anybody can download stuff for free, without bothering with the copyright. I was thinking of sharing some of my works for free – just to have my name out there – but then what if somebody copies them and starts selling them? Although in that case, considering that my version is free, that person can’t make much money out of it. But what if I get plagarized? I do register with the US Copyright Office, but it’s valid only in the US. What about worldwide?

I don’t want to revert to Italian because there’s less request for Italian texts – the Italian copyright office (SIAE) is more expensive than it’s US counterpart and doesn’t really protect, so it’s kind of useless.

I want to meet my readers and I wouldn’t mind giving something away for free, just to get to them. But then what happens? How can I manage that precious relationship Lua showed so well in her post? It’s a big bad world out there, I only want to reach my readers without someone else making money from it… know what I mean?

I would like to know how Uninvoked is doing – I haven’t read more of the on-line novel because I’m not really into YA fantasy, but I’d love to know how it’s going. I’d also like to hear from Thomas who was wondering “webnovel or no?“… nobody has commented on his post, has he found out something on his own?

Anybody else had experiences with online free publishing out there and would like to share?

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