The Masked Ball – part 3

I’m finding some dresses, like here or here or (if I were the dancer) here or… it could never end! The search for the perfect gown for the ball seems hopeless at the moment!

Also coming up with a decent story seems to be harder than expected – especially when I read all those intrigues on Mesmered’s blog! But fear not, my next post on the ball will be my letter to my knight to tell him of the invitation… hopefully I’ll have also his reply by then! 🙂

See you there! 😀

P.S. after the latest Mesmered posts on how to prepare for a masked ball, I’ll have to re-design my costume – I don’t like it anyway. And sometimes a domino (reminds me of Amadeus) seems like the easiest way out. But I won’t give up – yet! 😀

he even has a Unicorn mask! 😀

P.P.S. Just found this blog – it’s paper dolls, but if you search masks, you can find very interesting ideas for ladies! 🙂 Happy hunting!

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  1. Madison Woods

     /  26/03/2010

    I haven’t read part I or II, yet, but the idea of a masked ball like this is exciting. Is it something you will physically attend or a virtual thing? Will have to check out those other posts during breaks today – love those dresses!


  2. it’s a virtual masked ball… Please, do come. You only have to come up with some back story and keep yourself free on May 1st for a couple of hours… you might win Prue’s books or other prizes. It’s free and fun! Check the link on my sidebar (Invitation or Prue’s blog)! 😀



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