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While I wait for Mickey’s book to arrive, and before I read Prue’s books, I’d like to talk about other writer friends books I read last year or earlier. I reviewed them mostly on WeRead (one also on Amazon), and it’s been some time since I read them, but I still remember them. I’ll try to go in order of reading (if memory serves…).

First I read was Kim Brantley’s  Fifth Union: Genesis (I’m putting the Amazon link as it’s the one with my review). It’s adult fantasy, and like I said in the review, I wish I could find more of that. Maybe I will, now that I have new writer friends! 🙂

Then I read The Stone City by Anna Lowenstein, which I’m trying to help turning into a screenplay. That’s an historical novel for all those Roman lovers out there (not me unfortunately, I know I’m Italian, but I never liked the Romans… maybe I was a Celt when I lived in those times! Karma, I guess… ;-)). It’s very well researched and well written.

Then I bought Gail Milyssa Grant’s At the elbow of my elders, an exciting memoir on civil rights in the US, which was published by the Missouri Historical Society for a very good reason – it’s darn good! 🙂

I guess I’m lucky I know all these excellent writers… and hope to know more through the blog or other meetings. And maybe one day I’ll be among them (i.e. published)! 😉

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