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In my google search I stumbled on this article by Pace J.Miller. I’ll probably follow the Fantasy Map making 101 even if I can use Photoshop as I don’t like Peter’s guide to map Creation much.

Anyway, this also introduced me to another fantasy writer, so I kind of explored the whole blog. I like the Fantasy Writing Resource page and I’m wondering if we writers should all do something similar – a page of links we find useful for our writing, be it general, dictionaries or genre specific.

I could make quite a list of my bookmarks on screenwriting, writing, graphic novels and language… but would anyone be interested? After all, I did add a visual dictionary because Madison suggested it, and Dictionary.com because Mickey suggested it… And I found another where you can search words by first of last letters (the latter being quite useful for writing villanelle or poems with rhyme, although maybe the rhyme won’t match the spelling, so I’ll have to ask some native speaker to check it for me – English pronunciation still baffles me).

So, what do you think, should we share our bookmarks and favorite links or…?

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  1. Madison Woods

     /  17/02/2010

    I like the idea of a resource link list and have tried to start one, but I failed to get very far. Then just yesterday I started another link category called “Fodder”. For those sites that make me think in directions useful to my writing, on a creative level.


    • Mmm… the “what if” weren’t enough? 😉 I have a “Reference” folder, “Utilities” folder, “Screenwriting” folder and “Writing & Comics” folder… should we share??


      • Madison Woods

         /  17/02/2010

        🙂 How do you want to ‘share’ them? Just swap links or something? Mine are on my blog, under the respective headings. Are yours here on your blog? If so we can just take what we like from each other’s lists and post them to our own lists. Is that what you mean?


  2. I get my best links from other people.

    My mother always told me to “Share Nice!”

    Might as well do it here.

    Mickey Mills
    The Prodigal Scribe


  3. Ok, I’ll try to do another page with my links ASAP, you can pick up from there! 🙂


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