Lulu complaints

I googled the two words of the title as suggested by someone in the comments to the article on self-publishing and quite a lot of replies came out. I read only the first ones (pasted on a word.doc and read them off-line as usual…) and was kind of taken aback by all the complaints. Some sound silly, others pretty serious.

I did retire almost everything to re-issue it again under another pen-name, but wasn’t aware it’s still available on the Lulu server with the old version. I had the WeRead controversy (by the way, the WeRead help doesn’t answer…), but the Lulu help was fast and good when I needed it.

I’m not going to blame them for items lost to the Italian mail, but I do have a “complaint” now, as they still haven’t shipped an order placed on Dec.31. As it was the last day for a 20% discount, I guess they had more orders than usual, and are still working through them. I didn’t order before because the Italian mail works so badly during the Holidays that I usually wait for January to do my on-line shopping. So I’ll just wait for them to deliver.

About the complaints, well, I think that for POD they’re fine. For my comic books and graphic novels I’ll keep using them. But as publishers, I’m not sure anymore. I’ll have to explore other solutions – or send that query letter to DAW books. I’ll check Be The Media again for advice.

Anybody has feedback on iUniverse (I checked their prices, quite high, and they didn’t do a very nice job on a friend’s novel) or has other companies to suggest/avoid to self-publish a novel?

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