Where are they running anyway?

This refers to yesterday’s vignette, “Happiness is… living at you own speed”. I used to have a scooter, easier to park in a town like Roma. I gave it away. I still own a car, but don’t use it much.

I like public transport. Even if they’re often late, sometimes overcrowded (and I hate crowds, they give me panic attacks), I don’t mind. I’m not in a hurry. If I have an appointment, I’m usually ready in advance, and almost never late (traffic jams don’t count, everybody is late when the traffic is still, right?).

Maybe because I live in a town where you know when you get out, but not when you’ll reach your destination. Maybe because I like train rides and flights, where I can relax and read or create instead of having to pay attention. Even if they’re usually late – at least I don’t have to watch out for careless drivers.

I had my driving licence at 28 (which is late also for Italian standards, the right age being 18). I can drive, but most people around me can’t. Still they stick to their four or two wheels. Good for them. I sit on my public transport and watch them speed by.

Where are they running anyway? Time flies fast enough already. The only way to slow it down is by slowing down…

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  1. For me, the trip is better on two wheels, but that’s subject to the weather.

    I had the opportunity to see Eruope by train in the eighties. That’s the way to go. Europe by rail! Sweet!



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