Ghost editors

Sometimes I wonder why I decided to write in English. I love the language, and the short or composite words, but maybe my culture is Italian after all, so I do sound weird to native speakers. I’m told I make less mistakes than some native speakers (which I noticed myself when I tried to co-write a screenplay with an American friend, his spelling was even worse than mine), I chose a genre that sounds better in English (sword&sorcery), but still…

I edited one of my Italian novel (that I will not translate because it’s too Italian anyway) that I wrote in the 80s, trying to leave the style as it was. I don’t write like this anymore, not even in Italian, but I wanted to keep the freshness of the original. I “recycled” part two of my very first story in Water, albeit translated, I tried to keep the first-time-writer style and punctuation.

Now I’m writing in English with my Italian voice. I’m not really translating anymore (which helps, translations are adaptations, i.e. a tricky matter), but I still use the patterns I figured out in my writing years. BUT it’s not my mother tongue, I write (and speak) by ear, and sometimes make grammar mistakes.

So, I’m looking for a ghost editor, possibly specializing in sword&sorcery or heroic fantasy. Have you tried anyone? Can you suggest me names? I know there are web pages like or, but how can I find the perfect match without spending and arm and a leg in editing services?

If you have self-published or tried an editing service, pelase let me know how it went. I tried a couple (both friends who worked for free or for a fee), but wasn’t very satisfied with the outcome. As I plan to self-publish on Lulu, should I try their editing service? Feedback anyone?

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