I started approximately one month ago, I guess it’s time I start making some points.

The stats are still quite low, probably it was silly of me to keep the previous blog private – not many people are very interested in what I have to say anyway. Never mind. These things take time.

I started the Italian blog three weeks after this one, and in 1 week 3 people commented on posts. OK, they were all friends, I just wonder if my English-speaking friends are shyer when it comes to comment. True that I’ve been badder with the Italians, telling them to learn English, for Christ’s sake! 😉

What else… I’m still amazed by technology, and I’m not sure yet how to use this instrument.  Mostly like my old friend The Notebook, so far, but then I’ve never been good at marketing. I don’t even want to spam my friends (unless they ask what I’m working on) with my projects! 😦

I am not a salesperson, and that’s for sure. Maybe I need a manager. Or an agent. Or just a very good friend who takes care of it. Who knows.


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