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There are times in my life when I feel everything I’ve written is rubbish. The editor sets in and starts poking (“why did you write this? This story sucks!”) and the writer/narrator only wants t0 run away and cry.

Ever felt that way? You finish your short story or novel and think it’s the  best thing you’ve ever written, your latest “baby” of whom you’re so proud of. You move on with your life to take some distance, and when you go back to it to edit and rewrite, you think it sucks. What do you do?

I usually put it away for a little longer, thinking maybe it’s not the right time to go back to that particular story. I try to focus on another project, maybe set in the same world, so I can come up with new ideas for my giant puzzle that will eventually make all the stories better.

But it’s hard. I don’t know you, but my ego and my moods go up and down like a yo-yo for every single story I have written. It’s great. No, it sucks. There’s something good in it. No way, there isn’t. It’s just another piece of the puzzle, let’s make the damn thing fit in. It fit’s perfectly, it’s great!

And so on, and so forth… until I succeed in moving on! Or set it right (or at least a semblance of the right way the story should be told).

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