OK, it’s official, I’m too old for comic conventions. I can’t stand the crowds, the noisy youngsters, the loud music and all that standing that kills my back, either in line or walking around the compound. Sigh.

Instead of looking for the next big thing in comic-bookdom, I thought about the novel revisions and how I looked forward to get away from the con. I decided I had to tell that ziner-turned-publisher to get the hell out of my life, as I’m sick of giving away stories without getting paid.

So I sat in a small square in the middle of Lucca, far away from the comicon commotion, wondering if I should just leave and forget about all this. Not for me anymore. I’ll have to find other ways to get through, the internet or word of mouth, but no comicons.

I wanted to see San Diego Comicon, but maybe I’ll keep it for my next life! My readers don’t go to comicons anyway… or do they?

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