Comic conventions

This is a scheduled post as I’m attending Lucca Comics&Games. This is the oldest comic-con in Italy and still the best. Last year I drooled over Rosinski’s work (already seen at Angoulème, Thorgal being my fave BD ever!! 🙂 I dreamed of having him drawing a BD – French comic book – from my novel in the early 90s…) and met Larry Elmore (for the second time) and was introduced to Monte Moore, his neighbor in the Games area. I’m not a player, but I did read the Dragonlance novels and Larry is my fave illustrator of the D&D bunch. I proudly display his elven prince (original pencil drawing) in my living-room.

I don’t know yet what I will find this year. I need to catch up with some friends (former ziners, sometimes turned pros) and ejoy again one of my favorite towns of Tuscany (which I have known since childhood because my grand-mother was from Garfagnana and we still own a house there, near Castelnuovo di Garfagnana).

Maybe next year I’ll set up a table with some friends, but at the moment my comics (both re-issued and new) are available only on my Lulu store… I know both the most important comic-cons of Europe (Angoulème for the French market and Lucca for Italy), but I still have a couple more to explore – Barcelona and… well… San Diego! Maybe next year, when I have a bigger catalogue?

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